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AMEE Webinar: Advances in healthcare simulation practices – Lessons from around the world – Africa and the Middle East

Key Details:

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Date and Time:
26 June 2024 12-1pm BST (UK Time) (13.00-14.00 Dansk tid)

Lead Discussants:
Professor Rune Dall Jensen, Professor Debra Nestel, Dr Jo Parker Ross, Dr Vanda Abi Raad and Professor Nadia El Asmar.


This webinar aims to explore how simulation-based training unfolds in different practices around the world. This is the second of two sessions and aims to showcase the challenges, barriers, and solutions for simulation in Africa and Arabia.

Simulation-based training is well-integrated into many healthcare institutions. While some countries have a strong culture of simulation-based training, others are in the early stages of adopting it. It is important to share knowledge globally and ensure that the scholarly community is inclusive and aware of different geographical challenges and solutions.

An overview of the benefits of simulation-based training and technology-enhanced education will be provided. Secondly, an overview of how simulation is evolving in Australia and Asia will be covered to give participants insights into the different contextual challenges. This will serve as a starting point to discuss solutions informed by theories such as acceptability and implementation science.


Who can attend?
The webinar is designed for scholars and practitioners from various health professions, regardless of their career stage or educational phase, who are interested in understanding educational activities that may not typically be represented in the scholarly conversations.